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Hello! I'm so glad you're here! 

     As a lifelong artistic person, as well as a passionate hair and makeup artist, I am drawn to the beauty of our world that's evident in nature, as well as the individual beauty of everyone who sits in my chair. I believe that every person has intrinsic beauty---makeup and hairstyling simply enhances what you've already got. 

     I love everything from a "no-makeup" makeup, to the clean, corporate  headshot look, to an ultra glamorous style. I heart timeless, never-gonna-go-out-of-style bridal designs, but I also really enjoy creating a trendy/creative/boho/glam bridal look. I adore all classic/historical makeup and hair designs. I get pretty excited about creating believable out-of-kit hair and makeup special effects! If you have an idea for your creative shoot, film, special event, or wedding, I'm already interested!

I don't want to be pigeonholed into only one type of makeup artistry, so please don't ask me to specialize in only one aspect of my profession. :) I just can't decide which part I like best! Simply put, I love all types of beauty and any artistic hair and makeup expression.

      P.S. Each image below is a link to a specific section of my portfolio.  I'd love to hear about your project or event, so look for the pink "check availability "ovals in each section to fill out my Google form with your event details.

I have more images of my work posted on my Google, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, so please check those out, too. Links to those are on the footer of each of my website pages. Hope you have a beauty-filled day!

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