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Why do you suggest a trial for special event styling?

My studio is a place where the client is able to express her wishes in a relaxed and private setting. I won't hurry anyone who is wanting to find the perfect design. I practice the desired hair and makeup designs so that any design adjustments or changes in skin or hair care may be made well before the big day.


With time at a premium on any wedding or special event day, it is important to have the style and beauty plan figured out in advance so the big day runs more smoothly.

How long does the makeup last?

Wear is different for everyone and is based on many external factors.


The main known factors which can alter the life of any makeup or hair design are:

 -a person's regularly practiced

level of skin or hair care 

 -bear hugs from loved ones

 -eating food and drinking beverages

 -tears of joy

 -a gust of wind


 -ambient temperature of location

 -a person's body chemistry

 -a person's level of perspiration

 -any number of skin types/ conditions which can  cause a breakdown in even the most waterproof of makeups. 

There is no exact answer to this question, but I use the most effective techniques and products that I can find to address any of these difficulties, as well as recommend ways to keep the makeup and hairstyle intact for as long as possible.

What are touch-ups?

If you are concerned that your hair and makeup lasts and looks perfect in all your photos, 

I offer a reasonably priced touch-up service to maintain any hair and makeup designs that I have performed. 

Who is welcome at the trial?

I have a small place- therefore, it is best to have only those with appointments for services in my studio.

What is on your on- location contract?

Names, addresses, and contact information of client

Alternate contact information

Time and date of event

Location of ready room/event

Specifics and requirements of location

Hair and skin prep instructions

Allergy policy

Photo policy

Payment policy

Number of styles to be performed

Cancellation policy

Schedule of services

Stay-through agreement

Distance travel agreement

Mileage agreement

Pledge of stylist to perform services

Act of God Clause

Additional costs of materials

Any Other Items that are deemed necessary to the individual situation.


Trial Appointments

For bridal services,  I request one pre-booking trial appointment, which includes both hair and makeup services. 

Allergy tests are performed and the designs for both makeup and hair are charted. This insures that the designs for hair and makeup are recorded and time is not wasted the day of your wedding.  

For safety and liability reasons,  children aren't allowed in my studio during your trial appointment.

Any of your attendants or relatives are welcome to schedule a separate trial appointment if they so choose,


Travel Policy

Long distance events are accommodated based on mileage and begin time.

Mileage outside of the 66502 ZIP code is 1.25 per mile.

Accommodations and travel fees apply and vary per situation.


Allergy Policy

Client will notify stylist of any known sensitivities to any ingredients or  allergies to any cosmetics or styling products.


On-Location Requirements

Only those receiving services are allowed in the station area. Kit Items are off limits to anyone except me. 

Any venue will need adequate space for station, electrical outlets, and protection from inclement weather.


Payment Policy

In my studio, I accept checks or cash only.

On location, I accept cash only.

To book an event date, I require a retainer of 50% of the total estimated cost of the event paid and a signed contract before the date is secured.

For long distance or destination locations, the total amount of the entire event is prepayable.


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