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The Case for Touchups

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I love to create bridal and portrait looks that are hopefully perfect in each detail. This is my goal and I challenge myself to get the tiniest detail just right. I am very dedicated to each and every client that gives me the opportunity to work for them. I love to see them immortalized in the photos and snapshots of their special event or photo session.

Sometimes it is possible that images will be taken where the previously perfect-as-possible makeup and hairstyles have been captured at a less than optimum state. We know from makeup training that the freshness and ultimate life span of a makeup is relatively short. Makeup is subject to many chances of breakdown, whether through lipstick being worn away from grabbing a drink or a kiss, or eye makeup being compromised from a few tears. A big bear-hug or wardrobe change or gust of wind can trash a hairstyle.

There is a way to ensure that makeup and hair looks in photos as great as when the they were first done- known as hair and makeup touch-ups. I offer a reasonable stay- through rate for the express purpose of being available for those little repairs and for any style changes that have been previously booked. It's a great way to take away the worry of an unexpected hair or makeup disaster!

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