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Gotta Have My Subscription Boxes!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

     If you're like me, you love trying all the new cosmetics, from soaps, lotions, perfumes, to hair products, and all good girly things like that. You can get really overwhelmed with all the multitudes of choices out there.

If you're also like me (I have sensitive skin), you see a pretty bottle of soap and think, "Will this cause a reaction? Will I be covered in an itchy rash again? Will I have to just return it later?"  

Subscription boxes are great for people with sensitive skin!

     Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to try things out without having to plunk down a bundle for a full-sized product. That's why I was immediately on board with sample boxes. In the ones I've tried, the sample sizes are usually larger than a foil packet. They are often in a travel size or even larger,  which will give you enough of the lovely concoctions to test for at least a week or more. I never have to transfer a soap or shampoo into a small container for purse or for traveling. (that's kinda messy) I sometimes give away samples to my salon guests as a little thank-you, and that's fun!  All the subscription boxes have special offers and they just love when you tag them on social media. I haven't done much of that, really. 

But, I have to emphasize here:

I LOVE SAMPLES SIZES! Who doesn't?They are perfect for travel and to tuck in your bag, and....

I can't tell you how many times I've had to quit using

a full sized product that I only applied a couple of times.

     Trying out a nice range of quality things without spending a small fortune on all those full sizes is such a blessing. That's why I am subscribed to Ipsy, Sephora Play, and Glossybox. On each of the websites linked, they have a personalized profile questionnaire that you fill out to help get the products closest to your skin, hair, and eye color, your skin type, and your fashion sense. Each shipment is then catered to your needs. I typically receive some type of makeup, a lipstick, hand cream or skin care, and perfume. Often, there is a makeup brush or a full-sized sample, although I don't like getting double ended makeup brushes, because they are not able to be stored upright. They are o.k. for a purse or makeup bag, though.  If you change your hair color or stop tanning, or if you want to see what else there is out there, you can always change your profile later. Cancellation is easy.  Each product selection comes with a description, an ingredient list, and how to use the product. You can also find the full-sized item on the respective websites & often with a discount if you find something you really love. They all show many past boxes with their features and ranges of products, so you can see what they might send in the future. Because of individual profiles, each person gets a different assortment of the things offered.  It's so much fun to get these each month!

I'll go over each one next and let you know what I think of them!


I first whetted my beauty box appetite with Ipsy. I've had my subscription for over 2 years, and have enjoyed seeing the shiny fuchsia envelope in the mailbox each month. I have only had a couple of things that I didn't like in all those months. I think it is neat to see all the makeup bag designs they come up with in each campaign, although I can honestly say I'd rather have another sample instead of another makeup bag each time. Maybe a new makeup bag quarterly or semi-annually instead of monthly?  They add up. I will never need that many!  I usually end up passing them along to someone else.

Priced at 110.00 per year, Ipsy is great deal and the best value of all of the three I have. 

You can see the latest bag, samples, and subscription details here:


     At only 10.00 per month, the Sephora Play! box is a great choice that will fit into even the most frugal budgets. I have been happy with the range of products they've included in my 6 months of subscription. The cute little drawstring bag that comes with it is designed with each month's campaign in mind, and are very useful. I keep them to use in my luggage for separating pairs of socks and holding any number of little things. I suspect these will start adding up soon, though. An added bonus is a coupon for a Sephora store discount in each shipment!

Check it out here: 


     The most glamorous monthly box I receive is the Glossybox. At 210.00 annually, it costs twice as much as the others. However, It comes beautifully wrapped in a sturdy box and when you open it up, it's like getting a nice gift each month. There is a fold-out product sheet that is so pretty it's hard to toss it in the recycle bin. You can also collect redeemable Glossydots for reviewing items. The products are larger and a bit more varied than the other subscription offerings (sometimes there are things like bath sponges and hair tools) and the box itself is a gorgeous storage box, reusable in any number of ways. 

Take a look at Glossybox here:

If I had to pick a favorite of any of these, I just couldn't do it! I like them all for different reasons.

Happy Sampling!!!


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